What we do

What types of dispute resolution is Referee Ltd's arbitration service suitable for ?

The Referee Ltd service is most suitable where parties are disputing payment for goods or services provided.

It is particularly suitable for escrow payment schemes such as Transpact.com, where a referee is required to be nominated in advance in order to use the service. In the majority of transactions using an escrow service (such as Transpact.com), disputes do not occur and Referee Ltd is not called on to arbitrate even though Referee Ltd has been nominated as the referee. However, if a dispute does arise, Referee Ltd acts to decide on the basis of evidence submitted how the dispute should be resolved and how the distribution of the escrowed funds should be made.

Referee Ltd is less suitable for non-financial disputes such as resolving neighbour disputes, or ascertaining damages where there has been an accident.

The losing party to a Referee Ltd arbitration does not get a county court judgement registered against them, so long as payment is made.

How long does the Referee Ltd process take ?

We aim to resolve disputes written within 7 days of receiving all evidence. However, every dispute is unique, and in some cases the process may take longer.

What does it cost ?

Our charges start at £44 / €55 / $70.40 plus vat for up to 2 hours which includes consideration of evidence and a written ruling. A large proportion of judgements are resolved within this timescale, with no additional charges. If the process of judgement exceeds this timescale, then the additional hourly rate charged is £33 / €41.25 / $52.80 plus vat. If it is thought necessary to conduct investigations or contract experts to decide judgement, or if any other expenses are incurred, these costs will be charged at cost plus vat. An administrative fee equal to vat will be added to the fee of any client not subject to vat.

How should we appoint Referee Ltd?

There are two possibilities: i) Pre-Dispute, where we are appointed as a sensible common sense precaution, often via escrow service providers such as Transpact.com, and ii) Upon-Dispute, when problems arise over goods and services provided and payment is withheld etc.

Pre Dispute
This is the very simple act of agreeing between the parties in writing, that, IN THE EVENT OF A DISPUTE, Referee Ltd will act as the arbitrator to provide a binding decision to resolve the dispute. You do not have to notify Referee Ltd of this decision at this stage.

Upon Dispute
Simply contact us, letting us know that you wish us to arbitrate your dispute.

How does the Arbitration process work ?

You will be given a unique arbitration number for your case. Each side produces evidence by email to Referee Ltd as to their claim. Normally all evidence must be submitted within 7 days, but you may apply for more time to gain and submit evidence, and the arbitrator will decide on appropriate timescales.

All submissions from each side are copied to the other party to the dispute, for clarity, openness and fairness, unless a request is made to the arbitrator for a particular submission to be kept confidential, something the referee may allow or deny as he deems appropriate.

Parties should provide appropriate witness statements wherever necessary, and copies of relevant contracts or letters of complaint should be included. Each case will require its own unique types of evidence and documents.

It is important to point out that any arguments, evidence and supporting material must be seen and made available to both parties.